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Folding Walking Sticks

Folding Walking Sticks Folding walking sticks are suitable for everyday use. However as they can be folded away when not required, they are ideal for the occasional user or frequent traveller. It can be awkward to store a straight walking stick in a car, especially with multiple occupants. All our folding sticks are height-adjustable with most being suitable for both men and women. Extra long folding canes are available for people over six feet tall. Most folding sticks have four sections, however there are some five section folding "handbag" walking sticks available.

Measuring a person for a walking stick Folding walking sticks should be adjusted in much the same way as regular walking sticks, except that no cutting is required obviously. The walking stick user should stand upright in their regular shoes with their arms hanging naturally by their sides. An assistant should turn the walking stick upside down so the the handle rests on the floor. Positioning the folding walking stick next to the user, adjust the walking cane height so that the tip is is level with the bump at the bottom of the wrist bone. This ensures that the user's arm will be slightly bent when they hold the walking stick.

Our selection includes four and five section folding sticks in a variety of colours, handles and designs. We also have walking stick sets which are complete with wallets. If you need help choosing a folding walking stick then simply contact us using the link below, we aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.
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British Birds Folding Walking Stick
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Black Diamond Carbon Fibre Folding Walking Stick
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Wood Effect Extra Long Folding Stick
Extra Long Black Walking Stick
Green Folding Walking Stick
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Black Ergonomic Walking Stick
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Green Tartan Folding Walking Stick
Chrome Handled Folding Stick With Quilted Pouch
Black Folding Stick With Pouch
Red Flame Carbon Fibre Walking Stick
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White Derby Folding Walking Stick
Purple Paisley Walking Stick
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