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One Piece Walking Sticks

Wooden Walking Stick Walking sticks is a broad term and can refer to walking canes, trekking poles, pilgrim's staffs, hiking poles or hiking sticks. However a walking stick serves two main purposes:
   (a) As a support aid whether for hill or country walking or to assist a disability.
   (b) As a fashion item as with formal or dress canes etc.
The style and type of walking stick varies enormously, with wooden varieties being by far the most popular for one piece walking sticks. Over the years many types of walking stick handle have evolved, each with it's own advantages. Popular handles are Crook, Crutch, Derby, Escort, Knob Stick, Melbourne, Petite, and the Anatomical which is shaped to spread a user's weight. Wooden walking sticks have an advantage over metal walking sticks in that wood tends to absorb shocks, although much is still down to a good quality ferrule with any type of walking stick. Our selection includes Acacia, Ash, Bamboo, Beech, Blackthorn, Cherry, Chestnut, Hazel, Maple, Rosewood and although not a wood we have carbon fibre walking sticks which are one piece, strong and very lightweight.

Measuring a Walking Stick
Measuring a person for a walking stick The walking stick user should stand upright in their regular shoes with their arms hanging naturally by their sides. An assistant should turn the walking stick upside down so the the handle rests on the floor. Positioning the walking stick next to the user, make a small mark (or use tape) on the shaft of the stick level with the bump at the bottom of the wrist bone. This ensures that the user's arm will be slightly bent when they hold the walking stick. Remove the rubber ferrule and cut the walking stick at the mark before replacing the ferrule.

If you need help choosing a wooden walking stick then simply contact us using the link below, we aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.
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Ladies Beech Spiral Derby Walking Stick
List price: £29.95 save 10%
Gents Beech Spiral Derby Walking Stick
White Derby Walking Stick for The Blind or Partially Sighted
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Extra Long Beech Spiral Derby Walking Stick
Crook Handled Carbon Fibre Walking Stick
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Lightweight Carbon Fibre Walking Stick
Qty Out of Stock
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